Biomodex is a Paris and Boston based digital health company

Biomodex offers unique 3D printing solutions

Combining haptic feedback and imaging capabilities, tissue-like anatomical twins created from medical images.

  • Solutions for advanced physician training and patient-specific rehearsal under real life conditions.
  • Highly portable solutions and cartridges ordering facilitated by a web-based portal allowing customers to order and maintain their own portfolio with great ease.
  • Our solutions are expected to improve case preparation resulting in reduced procedural costs, improved acute and chronic outcomes.
  • OUR MISSION is to redefine advanced physician training, patient-specific rehearsal, and pre-operative planning, leveraging our proprietary 3D printing technology to provide a unique and tailored tactile physician experience.
  • OUR VISION is to revolutionize pre-operative planning resulting in safer medical procedures and improved patient outcomes.

DISCLAIMER: Biomodex® products are not medical devices and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition. These products have been designed for training and their safety and effectiveness as medical devices have not been demonstrated.